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Super Star
Price 149 SEK
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Always dreamed of being a star? Want to save money on your phone calls and use them for more glamorous stuff? If your answer is yes on these questions then this is the card for you. The whole family of Movie Star phone cards, from Mini Movie Star to Movie Star Gold and Movie Star 150, provides you with incredible phone call rates to all over the world. If you want to be sure that you don't run out of minutes just as the conversation gets interesting, then Movie Star is for you! With this card we have pushed the boundaries for how good an all around card can get. So do yourself a big favor and start saving money on your phone calls with Movie Star.
   Provider      Connection fee     Maintenance fee      Interval       Valid for   
0 min(s)
0,70 % of total min / day
1 min(s)
30 days
Calling Instructions
1.  Dial Local or Free or Mobile access number provided
2.  At the voice prompt, enter your PIN number
3.  Dial country code + city code + telephone number
Important Numbers
Access/Connection Numbers:
  Local number: 0840304923 / 0313619208 / 0406453414
  Free number: 0200125533 / 0200125534
  Mobile number: 0200125543 / 0200125544
  Support Number: support@phonecards.se
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