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Ring jorden runt 100
Price 99 SEK
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Ring Hela Världen is by far the most popular of phone cards on the market. The card is, just as it's name states, for calls to all over the world. If you call to a lot of different destinations, from the Middle East to South America and Europe, then this card is the one you want. Say good bye to all your nasty and expensive phone bills!
   Provider      Connection fee     Maintenance fee      Interval       Valid for   
0,n/a % of total min / day
1 min(s)
90 days
Calling Instructions
1.  Dial Local or Free or Mobile access number provided
2.  At the voice prompt, enter your PIN number
3.  Dial 00 + country code + city code + telephone number
Important Numbers
Access/Connection Numbers:
  Local number: 031 3640011 / 040 6285011
  Free number: 020 012 5900/ 020 012 5901
  Mobile number: N/A
  Support Number: support@phonecards.se
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