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Here you will find best quality phone cards to call abroad and save loads of money. At Phonecards.se it is very easy and secure to buy cards online. You receive your PIN code in your email instantly and you can start calling immediately.

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New Phonecard Dialer app
Dear customers,
We are happy to announce our cooperation with Phonecarddialer App which allows you to save your phonecard's access numbers and pin code so that you do not need to dial them each time you use a phonecard. It also allows you to dial directly from your phonebook. Sweet! We have tested the app and it works perfectly. Download free (with some adverts) or premium version (advert free) by clicking on the links below. Or read more at phonecarddialer.com.
Phonecards.se team


Trana 50 telefonkort
Trana 100 telefonkort
Trana 200 telefonkort
Trana 50
50 kr
Trana 100
100 kr
Trana 200
200 kr

No connection fee, no maintenance fee, billing is per minute and customer service in english and swedish.


Star telefonkort
Star telefonkort
Star telefonkort
Super East telefonkort
Super Latino telefonkort
99 kr
Star 200
200 kr
Star 50
50 kr
Super East
100 kr
Super Latino
99 kr
Unity telefonkort
Unity 130 telefonkort
New Moon telefonkort
New Moon 50 telefonkort
Just Shisha telefonkort
99 kr
Unity 130
130 kr
New Moon
99 kr
New Moon 50
50 kr
Just Shisha
99 kr
Taxi 100 telefonkort
Taxi 50 telefonkort
Super Silver phonecard
Super Gold telefonkort
Taxi 100
100 kr
Taxi 50
50 kr
Super Silver
100 kr
Super Gold
50 kr


Movie Star telefonkort
Movie Star Mini
MovieStar Asia telefonkort
MovieStar Latino telefonkort
Super Star
150 kr
Super Star Mini
50 kr
Super Star Asia
100 kr
Super Star Latino
100 kr
Ring hela världen telefonkort
Ring hela världen telefonkort
Ring jorden runt
99 kr
Ring jorden runt 50
49 kr

No connection fee, maintenance fee apply, billing between 1 and 2 minutes and customer service swedish, english, french, turkisk and arabic

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